Why You Should Select Us

All Property Management Companies Are NOT the same.
Here's a few of key points that make us different.



No Annual Payment Contracts


No Instant Property Analysis

We get paid while you have a tenant & you're earning income. We don’t get paid while your property is vacant. So, it’s in our best interest to keep your property rented all the time.   We evaluate every rental property in person BEFORE setting a price to maximize your rental income. We find the extra value the other companies are too lazy to look for.


No Low Ball, Nickel & Dime Pricing


No Automated Tenant Approvals

Unlike many other property management services, we don't play games with pricing or hide fees. The price we quote you is the price you actually pay us.   We also carefully & personally screen every single application, with both financial and background checks to help keep you protected from a bad tenant experience.


No Unauthorized or Surprise Repairs


No Nonsense Tenant Marketing

You know ahead of time what to expect. We won’t bother you with the day to day small stuff (less than $500), only the more expensive items. AND then we work hard to ensure the work is competitively priced, efficient, and of professional quality.   Other property management companies just place their Client’s Vacant Property Listings on their website and call it property marketing. We utilize professional rental services and your rental is exposed to 1000s more people every single week while empty.



We know the one thing our clients value most is
our “NO SURPRISES” SM  approach to Property Management.

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Property managers often get a bad rap for using underhanded techniques like hidden fees and expenses to pad the bottom line.

We do things differently.

Our goal is to help you succeed and we aim to do that in an honest way. We work to earn your trust and keep it—that's our promise to you.

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We firmly believe working with a Phoenix property manager should solve problems, not create them. Our team strives to keep you in the loop and we're always happy to take your calls.

Don't get stuck shouldering the burden of your property alone; choose a management firm that prioritizes your needs.


We help our clients realize all their objectives
by offering the following services as needed:

•  Dedicated Support & Guidance •  Easy Online, Cloud-Based Portals
•  Unbeatable Local Experience •  Unmatched Property Marketing
•  Personalized Tenant Screening •  25+ Years Of Professional Experience
•  Rent Collection Expertise •  Consistent Property Inspections
•  Efficient Maintenance Management •  Timely & Accurate Financial Reporting
•  Detailed (On-site) Property Analysis •  Helpful Forms & Resources
•  Access To Our Team Of Licensed Contractors •  Access To Our Experienced Real Estate Agents


Our Pricing Plans




• Our Extensive Property Service • Includes all of Lease Only Benefits • Includes all of Full Service Benefits
• Exposure to 1000s of Potential Tenants + +
• Our Intensive Tenant Screening • Annual Inspections • Video Marketing
• Financial & Background Checking • Rent Collection • Eviction Protection
• Access To Our Team Of Professionals   • Additional Inspections
• And More... • And More... • And More...


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We offer three different pricing packages depending upon what services you’d like us to perform for you.

From just filling a vacant rental property to turn key, all-inclusive, full-service property management.

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